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Local Supermarket TourSakura Homestyle Japanese Cooking Classes In Kyoto


The local supermarket experience is very popular class!
Join us on a small trip to a nearby supermarket in the heart of town and learn about the ordinary ingredients Kyoto locals use at home every day.
You’ll cook and enjoy a classic home meal, and you can taste sake, wine or beer from a local Kyoto brewery.


Discover what Japanese people eat at home every day!

Gyu-don (Wagyu beef rice bowl)
Oyako-don (Chicken and egg rice bowl)
Daikon salad (Japanese large white radish) with Yuzu (local citrus) vinegar dressing
Clam miso soup
Asadzuke (simple Japanese pickled vegetables)
After this culinary experience you will have a new understanding of Japanese fresh products such as:
* Wagyu (Japanese beef)
* Free-range chicken
* Japanese seasonings
* Fresh fish and how to select them
* Different kinds of miso
* Seasonal differences affecting the menu.

Minimum number of participants / 2 people


Price ¥9,000 per person

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