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Kazarimaki Sushi Roll CookingSakura Homestyle Japanese Cooking Classes In Kyoto

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Kazarimaki is a decorative way to make sushi rolls. It is known as the Art Sushi Roll. You can make this special sushi with a fantastic pattern and eat it.
You can make sushi rolls with a very traditional Japanese look, or with a beautiful flower pattern. During this class you will learn a lot about sushi, its essentials and a bit of trivia too.
The basic ingredients are rice vinegar, sugar, sesame, ginger, vegetables and nori seaweed. We use edible food colourings made from natural non-animal ingredients:

- Red comes from the mildew on fermented red rice;
- Blue is made from certain kinds of algae;
- Yellow is made from an extract of the gardenia fruit;
- Orange is extracted from Japanese mustard;
- Green/yellow and blue food colourings are from extracts of the gardenia fruit;

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