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Japanese Cooking Class in KyotoSakura Homestyle Japanese Cooking Classes In Kyoto

Enjoy SAKURA Cooking Class

Create stunning Japanese meals

Our renowned SAKURA Cooking Class has taught thousands of people from all over the world the art of preparing fine japanese cuisine.
All participants will learn how to create stunning Japanese meals whilst gaining insights into the fascinating culture and traditions of Japan.
During your class, your instructor will skilfully demonstrate the methods and steps of Japanese cookery from ingredient preparation to cooking.

Kazarimaki Sushi Cooking Class

Sushi Cooking

Learn how to make cute "Kazarimaki" sushi (decorative sushi rolls).
You can make sushi rolls that look like beatiful flower or make them into a very traditional Japanese look.
During this lesson, you will learn about the essentials and trivia about sushi-rolls.

Bento Cooking Class

Bento Cooking

View Bento Cooking Class

Learn how to make real Japanese food (washoku) from friendly local teachers, and enjoy your own creations for lunch or dinner.
We have 3 kind of classes for Kazari-Sushi-Roll,Takoyaki&Okonomiyaki and Bento.
Every class is GREAT for people who loves to cook, foodies and even kids.
(We can arrange for vegetarian menu,please ask details)

Sake, Beer and Wine

 Sake, Beer and Wine

View Sake, Beer and Wine

Choose your favorite taste of Kyoto!
We offer special Sake, Beer and Wine from local brewery.
Enjoy all-you-can-drink options and taste different flavors from sweet to dry to all sorts of exciting.

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