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Beef Bowl(Gyudon) Cooking in KyotoSakura Homestyle Japanese Cooking Classes In Kyoto

SAKURA Japanese Home Cooking Classes in Kyotoes Recipes has taught a lot of people from all over the world the fine japanese home cuisine.
All participants will learn how to cook authentic Japanese meals gaining insights into the fascinating culture and traditions of Japan.
During your class, your instructor will skilfully demonstrate the methods and steps of Japanese cookery from ingredient preparation to cooking.
Beef bowl (Gyudon) is very popular, especially among young peaple. Savory and juicy sliced beef served over freshly cooked rice.

Ingredients(For two people)

Beef in thinly sliced 160g
Onion 1/2 piece
Dashi soup stock 150cc
Sliced ginger(or chopped,shredded as you like)
Sticky rice 200g(if you like big portion,add more rice)
*(can use normal rice instead of sticky rice.recommend add more water when you cook it)[A]

Sake 2 table spoons
Sweet sake(Mirin) 2 table spoons (if you could not get it,add sugar a little instead of it)
Sugar 3 tea spoons
Soy sauce(Shoyu) 3 table spoons
Red pickled ginger (chopped or shredded as you like)

How to cook it

1)Slice onion into about 1cm thick.
2)Cut sliced beef into bite length.
3)Boil the soup stock.,put sliced ginger and [A] in the pod.
4)When it boils, put the beef and take the lye little by little.
5)Add onions and simmer it about 10 minutes until all of onions getting see-through.
6)Serve beef and soup on the rice.
7)Add red ginger as you like.

Beef Bowl

Today's menu


About 20 min.

Calorie per person

658 kcal

Salt content per capita

2.8 g

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