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Sakura Homestyle Japanese Cooking Classes In Kyoto

Thank you so much for visiting "Sakura Home Cooking Classes in Kyoto", the Japanese Home Cooking Class in Kyoto!
Are you planning a visit kyoto and would like to try cooking Japanese food and cuisine at home?
If so you have to come to the right place.
Kyoto Cooking Class "SAKURA" in kyoto is a great way to learn how to make traditional Japanese dishes if you don’t speak Japanese and are visiting Japan.
You can experience a real Japanese home as well as learn to cook traditional japanese meals.
Most cooking courses in kyoto are taught in Japanese, therefore it can be very difficult to understand and enjoy the class.
So if you really want to make the most of your time in Japan, try SAKURA's cooking class in little kyoto!

At Kyoto Cooking Class "SAKURA" in kyoto, there are 5 different cooking courses to choose from the menu.
You can see the details of the classes by clicking on the following links:


090-2044-1122 (Available in English)




We absolutely loved our Kazari Maki sushi making experience!! Upon arriving at the Sakura Culture Experience we were warmly greeted by Mrs Aya Ito and her husband. By our surprise we had actually signed up for a private cooking class, we did not realize that all of Sakura Culture Experience courses are private experiences. Mrs and Mr Ito were so excited to meet us and get us ready for our cooking experience. Mrs Ito showed me all these beautiful Kimonos that I got to wear while we cooked. She was so kind to help me put the kimono on properly and she even did my hair so it would look nice in photos. We got to learn so much about Japan and sushi. Mr and Mrs Ito were just so friendly and patience with us while we made our decorative sushi rolls. I also loved all the photos they took of our experience! WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND participating in one of Sakura Experience Japanese Culture courses. Especially their Kazari Maki sushi making! We loved every minute of it! Thank you for such a great time!

We Were Charmed and Delighted with Sakuratripadvisor

My daughter and I attended a cooking experience at Sakura. Aya Ito, the owner, and her rock n’ roll husband, were so charming, and we thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on experience of making traditional Japanese street-style food. Getting dressed in traditional Japanese garb was an extra bonus! We could not have asked for more, and we left with a certificate of completion plus recipes. Sakura Experience Japan Culture was definitely a highlight of our trip!